About Hypnotherapy

As a Hypnotherapist, I use Hypnosis as the conduit through which therapy happens.

And yes, I know that Hypnosis hasn’t always ‘got a good press’. This is mainly due to outdated thinking and to myths that have their genesis in Stage Hypnosis. But that’s showbiz – it’s light entertainment. What happens in my practice is Clinical, Ethical, Therapeutic Hypnosis and is the polar opposite of light entertainment.

Hypnosis allows for therapeutic possibilities that are simply not likely through other means.

This is such a huge topic that it is hard to cover all the points and dispel all the myths but let me try to address some of them:

There is no precise established definition of hypnosis, largely because the experience of it is such a subjective thing and it varies so much from person to person. I work mainly around the concept that it is an altered state of awareness where one quiets down the chatter of the conscious mind and, becoming suggestible and dissociated from that chatter, one can now, much more powerfully and pointedly, focus in on a much narrower and targeted aspect of one’s needed solution. This helps to bring into reality, new learnings, initiatives or behaviours to achieve the desired results.

For simple clarity of interpretation, I call this the subconscious. There is a whole cohort of people out there who will tell you that there is no such thing as the subconscious! Does that mean there is no conscious mind either?

Absolutely not. Is it relaxation? Not really, but it is a very relaxing and highly absorbed state and this relaxed state makes many things easier. Things like anxiety reduction, the acquisition of new skills or the changing of old, unwanted behaviour. And all of this happens at a subconscious level of awareness.

Again, this question comes up all the time. Absolutely not!  Hypnosis actually enhances the client’s sense of personal control and can help them to clarify for themselves what is controllable. Part of ‘the deal’ I agree with you, right from the start, is that I can only give you suggestions that are in your own positive and beneficial interest. If I were to give you a suggestion that goes against your belief system, I would have broken rapport and trust and you would emerge from the hypnosis. Control is yours. That is not to say that all suggestions will be nice and easy, but you will know instinctively that they are for your own benefit. Clients normally find this reassuring and it immediately dispels any idea that they might be ‘under the control’ of the therapist.

Hypnosis has sometimes been described as a coping strategy that people can learn to apply across a variety of situations. Maybe to solve a problem or to further enhance something that’s already pretty good.

Indeed, hypnosis depends more on the efforts, focus and active participation of the subject than on the skill of the hypnotist.

Hypnosis helps you to tap into the way the mind works.

Focus On What's Right

I try to bring the focus away from what may be wrong with you and get you back in touch with what’s right with you.

I help to connect people to their own personal resources. I believe in respectful, positive therapy that is solution-based and helps you to realise and utilise the unique resources and skills you already possess! These include innate resources. Forgotten resources. Taken-for-granted resources.

You are so much more resourceful and capable than you might think!

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