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My clients understand that many of the issues we’re dealing with have been on their mind for a long time… in some cases, many years. And so, they know that there’s no silver bullet that’s going to solve everything instantaneously. In all likelihood, it may take a number of sessions to get to where you want to be. But I promise you, we won’t delay it by one minute longer than is needed. And at each step along the way you are learning and fine-tuning new skills, insights and strategies to help you achieve your desired result.

With the exception of the Quit Smoking Package, other treatments do not, and cannot, have a clearly defined end point. So much depends on what we’re dealing with and what comes up as we progress. But remember my earlier promise… we won’t prolong the therapy for one minute more than is needed.

Note that all our therapy sessions are currently online using Zoom. These are face-to-face individual personal therapy sessions where you will feel safe and secure in your own place.

So, which package is best for you? Here’s three that might suit you, but if you want to find out something further, click here and fill out the form – we’ll be back to you without delay.

Starter Pack

COST: €60

What do you do if you like the idea of Hypnotherapy but you’d like a way to ‘test drive’ it first? We have put together a special ‘try it and see’ Starter Pack that will, at a very reasonable investment, allow you to do just that before taking it on in a more assured and committed way.

I want to make sure that you get to experience the therapy and its aspects in the most complete way possible. So, we need enough time for the client intake; a discussion on the issue and its history; an explanation of the structure of the sessions; de-mystifying what hypnotic trance IS and, importantly, what it IS NOT; answering your questions, and finally, the induction so that you get to actually experience the relaxing, restorative, rejuvenating nature of hypnotic trance. This part will be, in the main, a more general, soothing, positive, feel-good experience and we will also start to lay down some of the foundations for dealing, in a more specific way, with your ‘issue’.

There’s a lot there to try to fit into an hour, so we double the time to two hours.

Also included in the pack is an audio recording of a guided relaxation session so that you can learn and practise self-hypnosis at home at your own pace. This is yours to keep and use as often as you like.

The final part of your Starter Pack entitles you to a free 15-minute telephone or Zoom consultation afterwards to clarify any questions and clear the way for you to continue the therapy as needed.

Please note that all our therapy sessions are currently online using Zoom.

3 Hour Regular Pack

COST: €195

If you’re happy and comfortable enough to start straight away, this is the choice for you. I will follow up and set up your first appointment. The minimum initial booking is 3 sessions at a total cost of €195. It’s worth pointing out that is not 3 consecutive weeks: sessions are much more likely to be spread out over a period closer to 3 months. The gap between sessions is usually between 3 and 4 weeks long.

Subsequent sessions after this are charged at the standard rate of €75 per hour.

Please note that all our therapy sessions are currently online using Zoom.

Quit Smoking Pack

COST: €250

Firstly, I send you my “Getting ready to Quit” eBook. This is emailed to you in 5 separate episodes over 5 consecutive days.

Then, we start your sessions. The first one is pretty intensive and lasts for about 2 hours. A lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ is done in this session. We spend the first half on learning about Trance and dispelling some of the popular myths surrounding it. Then, for the 2nd half, we dive right into the work, in Trance.

Within a week we have the second session, and this is a lot shorter (about an hour) and here we’re starting the process of realigning your thinking and ‘Growing Out’ of the old habits and thinking.

Within a month, we have the third session. Here we’re concentrating on preparing for and dealing with Cravings, temptations etc to ensure that you stay stopped: you’re not going back there again!

Please note that all our therapy sessions are currently online using Zoom.

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